Dear artists!

On September 15th, 2018, started the official application period for the “Second International Print Biennale Yerevan 2019”.

The Organizing Committee will be glad to receive you application as soon as possible. In order to register for the “Second International Print Biennale Yerevan 2019” and for detailed information please take a look at our official website and on facebook

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to your application,
Organizing Committee
Second International Print Biennale Yerevan 2019

Sehr geehrte Künstler und Künstlerinnen!

Am 15. September 2018 begann der Bewerbungszeitraum für die „Zweite Internationale Druckgraphikbiennale Jerewan 2019“.

Das Organisationskomitee freut sich bereits jetzt auf Ihre baldige Anmeldung. Um sich für die Teilnahme an der „Ersten Internationalen Druckgraphikbiennale Jerewan 2019“ zu registrieren und für alle weiteren Informationen, gehen Sie bitte auf die offizielle Webseite oder auf unsere Facebook Seite

Sollten Sie darüber hinaus Fragen haben, so wenden Sie sich bitte gerne an uns.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung !
Zweite Internationale Druckgraphikbiennale Jerewan 2019

Chers artistes!

Depuis le 15 septembre 2018, vous avez la possibilité de poser votre candidature auprès de la «Deuxième Biennale Internationale d’Estampe Erevan 2019».

Le comité d’organisation officiel sera ravi de recevoir votre candidature aussi tôt que possible. Pour participer veuillez-vous enregistrer sur le site web officiel où vous trouvez toutes les informations nécessaires. En plus, vous pouvez aussi consulter aussi notre site facebook:

Pour toute question éventuelle, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter !
On attend vos candidatures avec impatience !
Comité officiel d’organisation
Deuxième Biennale Internationale d’Estampe Erevan 2019

Organizer of the First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017, Foundation KulturDialog Armenien is honoured to publish the results of the biennales contest: On October 28th, 2017, the jury of the First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017 has awarded a Grand Prix, a First Prize, a Second Prize, a Third Prize, a Special Prize by the jury, a Special Prize (by jury member Prof. Dr. Mateusz Otręba) and 12 „Honorable Mention Diplomas “) to the following artists:

La Fondation KulturDialog Armenien en tant qu’organisateur de la Première Biennale Internationale de l’Estampe Erevan 2017 a l’honneur de communiquer les résultats du concours de la biennale : Le jury de la Première Biennale Internationale de l’Estampe Erevan 2017 a décerné un Grand Pris, un Premier Prix, un Deuxième Prix, un Troisième Prix, un Prix Spécial du jury, un Prix Spécial du membre du jury Prof. Dr. Mateusz Otręba et aussi 12 diplômes « Mention Honorable » aux artistes suivants :

Als Organisator der Ersten Internationalen Druckgraphikbiennale Jerewan 2017 hat die Stiftung KulturDialog Armenien die freudige Ehre, die Ergebnisse des Wettbewerbes der Biennale bekannt zu geben: Die Jury der Ersten Internationalen Druckgraphikbiennale Jerewan 2017 hat am 28. Oktober 2017 den folgenden Künstlerinnen und Künstlern einen Grand Prix, einen Ersten Preis, einen Zweiten und Dritten Preis, einen Spezialpreis der Jury, einen Spezialpreis des Jurymitgliedes Prof. Dr. Mateusz Otręba sowie 12 „Ehrenauszeichnungen“ verliehen:

Grand Prix


First Prize – Premier Prix – Erster Preis :


Second Prize – Deuxième Prix – Zweiter Preis :


Third Prize – Troisième Prix – Dritter Preis:


Special Prize of the jury – Prix Special du jury – Spezialpreis der Jury:


Special Prize by jury member Prof. Dr. Mateusz Otręba –

Prix Special du member du jury Prof. Dr. Mateusz Otręba –

Spezialpreis des Jurymitgliedes Prof. Dr. Mateusz Otręba:


Honorable Mention Diplomas (in alphabetical order) –

Mentions Honorables (par ordre alphabétique) –

Ehrenauszeichnungen (in alphabetischer Reihenfolge) :













Congratulations to all winning artists and thanks to all artists participating in this contest who made this event a true artistic international dialogue for printmakers from around the world. All winning artists will also be informed individually about their prize.

01.08.2017 Dear artists of the First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017!

We are very happy that many of you confirmed us that they will come to Yerevan to attend the Opening Ceremony of the First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017 on October 25th, 2017 and the Award Ceremony on October 28th, 2017. If you have not yet contacted us and if you do want to come to Yerevan for the First International Print Biennale, we kindly ask you to contact us and let us know about your arrival the latest by September 1st, 2017. This way, we can send you all necessary information and the updated program of the Biennale in time before your arrival. We are looking forward to exhibiting your works and to welcoming you in Yerevan!

With kind regards from Yerevan,
Organization Committee
First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017
By Foundation KulturDialog Armenien

Dear Biennale artists!

At the moment, we are encountering a problem with our mail server. If you have sent us an email / a link to the images of your work to our address and this email has been returned to you, then the reason was this server problem. We are working hard to fix the problem as fast as possible and we apologize for all possible inconveniences which might have occurred to you.

We would like to make sure you can reach us until the problem is fixed, therefore we kindly ask you to send your emails to the following email address of Mrs. Sona Hovsepyan (Organization Committee).

If an email you sent us during the past 4 days has been returned to you, we kindly ask you to send it again to the email address of Mrs. Hovsepyan to make sure we receive your email.

Please also use this address should you have any questions, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Until the problem is fixed, we will also use this address to answer you and to inform you about the arrival of the works you sent to Yerevan.

We will let you know as soon as the problem is fixed and our normal email address is working again.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for this situation and we thank you for your cooperation and your patience!

Organizing Committee
First International Print Biennale 2017
By Foundation KulturDialog Armenien

Dear artists!

Thank you very much for applying for the First International Print Biennale Yerevan 2017!

The international jury has considered your application and has selected the artists for the final contest in Yerevan. We herewith present the results of the jury voting.

The artists, who have been chosen by the jury, are listed below in alphabetical order.

If you are among the artists in the list then we will inform you personally via email, which one of your works the jury has selected and we will let you know how to proceed.

We kindly ask you to NOT send in any works before you hear from us.

Please understand that it might take a few days until we contact you, as we will write to each one of you personally!

If you are not among the artists in the list, we would like to thank you for your interest and your application and for helping us to make Yerevan a new and interesting destination for printmakers worldwide.

We would be very glad if you decided to apply for the International Print Biennale Yerevan 2019!

Organizing Committee
First International Print Biennale 2017
Foundation KulturDialog Armenien


1. Adnan, Sherin Iraq / Kurdistan
2. Al Maktoum, Maryam United Arab Emirates
3. Allik, Peeter Estonia
4. Anastasiou, Ioannis Greece
5. Arbeiter, Nadine Germany
6. Arichi, Yoshito Japan
7. Artakianou, Myrsini Germany / Greece
8. Arteagoitia García, David Spain
9. Arvanitis, Zacharias Greece
10. Asenov, Teodor Bulgaria
11. Asselman, Amin Morocco
(Gallery Saida Art Contemporain)
12. Avetisyan, Narek Armenia
13. Balletti, Alberto Italy
14. Barseghyan, Karen Armenia
15. Bertesina, Valeria Italy
16. Boisrobert, Max France
17. Bojankov – Stanko, Stanislav Bulgaria
18. Bordin, Emilie France
19. Bothe, Georg Germany
20. Brzegowska, Monika Poland
21. Budna, Oksana Poland
22. Buncharoen, Jutamas Thailand
23. Bureau, Claude France
24. Cai, Cai Yuanhe China
25. Castro, Adriano Brazil
26. Cebula, Bartosz Poland
27. Chang, Bowen China
28. Chapman, Deborah Canada
29. Chatzitra-kosas, Antonis Greece
30. Chen Wei, Chen Wei China
31. Chirachaisakul, Kraisak Thailand
32. Chomicz, Malgorzata Italy
33. Cleeren, Colette Belgium
34. Cleeren, Lucia (LUCE) UK
35. Cygan, Michał Poland
36. Czech, Adam Poland
37. Da Cunha Bang, Malou Denmark
38. Darunkan, Thammasin Thailand
39. Darvishi, Mehdi Iran
40. Davtyan, Maga Armenia
41. Deak Nemeth, Maria Hungary
42. Degelow, Frank Germany
43. Denis, Manon Canada
44. Diedericks, Christiaan South Africa
45. Dimitriadis, Αlexandros Greece
46. Ding, Ding Yanwei China
47. Dragičević, Edvin Croatia
48. Duarte, Everett South Africa
49. Dzhurayeva, Olesya Ukraine
50. Fauck, Patrick Germany
51. Flegar, Ivana Serbia
52. Flores, Olga Peru
53. Franzke, Gisela Germany
54. Frederiksen, Carsten Denmark
55. Gaine, Nityananda Bangladesh
56. Gao, Shijie China
57. Gielecka- Grzemska, Katarzyna Poland
58. Gök, Muham-met Fatih Turkey
59. Goldberg, Eric USA
60. Gorges, Madeleine Germany
61. Gorzelak, Mariusz Poland
62. Graver, Mark New Zealand
63. Grigoryan, Hayk Armenia
64. Grossmann, Frank-Joachim Germany
65. Gui, Jiang China
66. Habisiak-Matczak, Alicja Poland
67. Hajewski, Marcin Poland
68. Hambardzumyan, Samvel (Sam Zumian) USA / Armenia
69. Hardy, Chantal Belgium
70. He, Jiqing China
71. He, Sien China
72. Heamägi, Gudrun Estonia
73. Herrero, Amelia Argentina
74. Hiratsuka, Yuji USA
75. Hnatova, Eva Slovakia
76. Höritzsch, Jürgen Germany
77. Hovhannisyan, Sargis Armenia
78. Hu, Bowen China
79. Hu, Xiao Yu China
80. Huang, Chengchun China
81. HuRiCha, HuRiCha China
82. Istiliyanov, Angel Bulgaria
83. Johnson, Luke USA
84. Joostberens, Jacek Poland
85. Jude, Jonathan France
86. Kalder, Kalli Estonia
87. Kamble, Shachi India
88. Karoyan, Anna Armenia
89. Karthik.v, Karthik.v India
90. Khataei, Mehrdad Iran
91. Khodkova, Anna Ukraine
92. Kobayashi, Sayuri Japan (France)
93. Konec, Alojz Slovenia
94. Koniuszy, Łukasz Poland
95. Kovacikova, Eliska Slovakia
96. Kowalski, Antoni Poland
97. Krajnović, Milan Bosnia and Herzegovina
98. Krempel, Uschi Germany
99. Kunc, Karen USA
100. Kunst, Forschungsgruppe Germany
101. Kwiatkowska, Emma Poland
102. Kwon, Hyejeong Korea
103. Laakso, Juha Finland
104. Lanneville, Jo Ann Canada
105. Lehmann, Margarit Switzerland
106. Lilge & Zipfel, Christoph & Philipp Germany
107. Liu, Fu China
108. Lösche, Klaus Germany
109. LuSha, Sha China
110. Ludwig, Julia Germany
111. Luetzelschwab, Patrick Germany
112. Lukowska, Monika Australia
113. Magyar, Greta Germany
114. Mahan, Beatriz Spain
115. Man, Hu fan China
116. Marcelionyte-Paliukė, Marija Lithuania
117. Martin, Pierre-Antoine France
118. Martinez Velazquez, Jesus Orlando Mexico
119. Massip, Charlotte France
120. McFadden, Jonathan USA
121. Mekolli, Basri Kosovo
122. Meltz, Nathan USA
123. Mengzhu, Huang China
124. Messari, Said Morocco (Gallery Saida Art Contemporain)
125. Milanov, Dimo Bulgaria
126. Miracola, Giacomo Italy
127. Mirzoyan, Karine Armenia
128. Mise, Zoran Bulgaria
129. Morrissey, Sean P. USA
130. Mouttet, Isabel France
131. Murawska, Daria Poland
132. Murillo, Michelle USA
133. Nagai, Masato Japan
134. Nanyan, Rima Armenia
135. Niesyto, Miroslaw Poland
136. Nimanussornkul, Thamrongsak Thailand
137. No, Tao Zheng China
138. Noordermeer Herman The Netherlands
139. Norvilaite, Kristina Lithuania
140. Nour El-din, Dina Hesham El-sayed Egypt
141. Olvet, Helgi-Maret Estonia
142. Palma, Sofia Portugal
143. Pawlowski, Miroslaw Poland
144. Pawlus, Natalia Poland
145. Pędziałek, Leonard Poland
146. Peeva, Darina Bulgaria
147. Perak, Ivan Serbia
148. Pfeiffer, Tina Germany
149. Phwng, Boobpha Ladakorn Thailand
150. Plank, Carrie Ann USA
151. Plank, Tamy Alessandra Germany
152. Pogorzelec, Marta Poland
153. Pohl, Susanne Germany
154. Pomykała, Karol Poland
155. Preneta, Paulina Poland
156. Putker, Jaco The Netherlands
157. Ravenhorst, Jurjen The Netherlands
158. Repnau, Lilli-Krõõt Estonia
159. Rhee, Jinsue Germany
160. Riber, Yngve Denmark
161. Richards, Rosalyn USA
162. Rodríguez Rivera, Oswaldo Carlos Mexico
163. Ross, Cameron Scotland (UK)
164. Ryan, Dermot Ireland
165. Sahakyan, Tigran Armenia
166. Saks, Reti Estonia
167. Sami, AwniIraq Iraq/Kurdistan
168. Sawada, Yuichi Japan
169. Sayama, Takeshi Japan
170. Scannell, Aine Scotland (UK)
171. Schichta, Adrian Germany
172. Schina, Mary Greece
173. Schramm, Wilhelm Austria
174. Seedler, Anija Germany
175. Setiawan, Reno Megy Indonesia
176. Shahnazaryan, Aren Armenia
177. Shi, Xiaoyu China
178. Ślusarek, Teresa Anna Poland
179. Sparham, Robert James England
180. Spěváčková, Jaroslava Czech Republic
181. Sredanovic, Jelena Serbia
182. Stachurska, Malgorzata Poland
183. Staple, JessicaSouth Africa
184. Štěpaníková, Lenka Czech Republic
185. Steubl, Johannes Germany
186. Sungvondee, Arnon Thailand
187. Suriyapatarapun, Puritip Thailand
188. Sustov, Roman Belarus
189. Švelnys, Juozapas Lithuania
190. Szafran, Karol Poland
191. Sziksz, Eszter USA
192. Szplit, Magda Poland
193. Ter-Mkrtchyan, Armen / Gallery 25 Armenia
194. Texier, Carole France
195. Tomalski, Krzysztof Poland
196. Tomczyk, Marta Poland
197. Toumanian, Guillaume France
198. Trojanowska, Anna Poland
199. Uhlig, Fred Walter Switzerland
200. Unger, Desislava Bulgaria
201. Uzule, Agnese Latvia
202. Vagharshyan, Lilit Armenia
203. Vagonis, Zigmas Lithuania
204. Vahanyan, Arman Armenia
205. Valesco, Frances USA
206. Valk, Kelli Estonia
207. Vivoda, Ana Croatia
208. Wakayama, Kazumi France
209. Wang, Jiayi China
210. Wang, Jipeng China
211. Wanying, Yang China
212. Warzycka-Tutak, Gabriela Poland
213. Weber, Therese Switzerland
214. Wei, Yuhang China
215. Whitney, Linda USA
216. Wiedemer, Reinhard Germany
217. Wieslaw, Haladaj Poland
218. Wilkinson, Cleo Australia
219. Winiarski, Tomasz Poland
220. Wiśniewska, Monika Róża Poland
221. Wolfe, Connie USA
222. Wolff, Ulrich J. Germany
223. Wübben, Gabriele Germany
224. Xiang, Yuan China
225. Xue, Yin China
226. Yang, Tianfeng China
227. Yang, Yang Pengcheng China
228. Yildiz, Kemal Turkey
229. Zemla, Tomas Slovakia
230. Zhang, Minjie China
231. Zhang, Qian China
232. Zhao, Xueyan China
233. Zhen, Wang China
234. Zhu, Guanchu China
235. Zhu, Rui China
236. Zhvirblia, Maryna Belarus
237. Zigic, Sanja Serbia
238. Zoidi, Popi Greece
239. Zoladz (Pseudonym: Immers), Agata Poland
240. Zuev, Vladimir Russia
241. 刘, 明滔 中国

KDA Biennale Jury Results.pdf